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Regional Training Programs

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CEG works with industry clusters to help develop and deliver programming that supports a strong workforce pipeline and advances the careers of incumbent workers.

We work daily to build a skilled workforce and education pipeline; to cultivate a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem; and to ensure a modern infrastructure to grow local companies, attract new investment, and prepare our communities for growth. For More Information…

AlbanyCanCode works to build a more inclusive and vibrant tech talent pipeline and tech sector workforce in New York’s Capital Region. We partner with stakeholders – employers, educators and community – to create programs that reduce cultural and economic barriers to participating in the tech economy.
Our educational programs serve two main groups: adults and K-12 students. In our workforce programs, we provide adults with the education and training they need to pursue a career in the tech field. While our workforce programs
are open to anyone, we do outreach events designed to attract women, veterans, and other underserved and underrepresented populations. Many of our students qualify for tuition assistance and pay nothing for the classes they attend. For more information, check out their website..