Military Branches/Support

Reserve Strength. Reserve Life.

Over the past ten years our nation’s Reserve Components have become essential to the capability of America’s total force – adaptable, operational, and battle-tested. ROA’s mission is simple: support our citizen-warriors and their mission through a commitment to a strong Reserve force and specialized attention to individual Reservists, their families and veterans of the Reserve force.  We call that Reserve Strength. Reserve Life.

Reserve Strength

  • Vigorous advocates fighting for a strong national defense with a strong Reserve force as an essential partner in the total force
  • A trusted, influential, and effective voice in the Pentagon and on Capitol Hill
  • Policy experts leveraging RC-specific knowledge for your needs
  • Leaders in the effort to sustain the resources necessary for a trained, equipped & operational RC
  • A legislative agenda dedicated to the needs of Reservists

Reserve Life

  • A dependable source for Reservist career counseling both military and civilian
  • A trusted source for Professional Military Education
  • Civilian employment assistance programs for Reservists
  • A center for the most reliable deployment and transition resources for Reservists and their families
  • Peer and veteran to veteran support