Mission and Vision


The Center for Economic Growth’s Veteran Connect Center (VCC) serves those who have served us by connecting Veterans and their families to career, educational and community resources in New York’s Capital Region. 


We recognize that our community is stronger with a workforce that includes the unique talents of transitioning soldiers and Veterans, and have created the VCC to be the first point of contact for transitioning service members. 

The VCC connects Veterans to employment opportunities, education and training programs, community resources and mentoring programs, as well as housing and other services. The VCC website enables Veterans to search for all their needs in one place – or chose to communicate with our Veteran Concierge directly by email, phone, or an in-person meeting. The website also offers a unique job search platform tailored to military experiencetranslating the Veteran’s Military Occupations Specialty (MOS) to assist in finding job matches. The Veteran Connect Center can connect to over 200+ companies/organizations in the Capital Region.

The VCC provides a concierge service that delivers solutions to Veterans and their families based on specific needs to acclimate them in the region. No more guessing who to call or turn to! We enable transitioning soldiers and Veterans to access and receive the support they need to establish themselves successfully in civilian life.

We honor the service and sacrifice of all honorably discharged veterans from all eras. Including, veterans still serving in the active duty, National Guard and Reserve components.