The Veteran Connect Center (VCC) offers connections with over 200 companies in the Capital Region with use of the JobPath tool and with our Veteran Concierge. These services are available to the Veteran, spouse, and family members. Jobs in all categories are available.

Seek Employment


There are over 24 education institutions of higher learning in the Capital Region and many offer incentives and programs for Veterans and their spouses.

Education Choices

Life in the Capital Region

You’re relocating to a great place. Affordable. Loaded with nature. Great schools. All four seasons. Our Veteran Concierge will help you assimilate and connect you. Close proximity to NYC, Boston, Montreal, Saratoga Springs, Cooperstown, and Lake Placid.

Military Community Resources

We anticipated your needs, and have a great list of resources and services to make you feel at home in the Capital Region.



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